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Hair Services from Mr Henry's Salon Services

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Certificate to Mr Henry's Salon Services for hair straightening services. 

From the certificate:

      Agave Retex, also known as JAPANESE THERMAL STRAIGHTENING, a product, and technique has been created, as well as the tools used, by the company known the world over, as BIO IONIC. Mr Henry was certified to be an application technician early in 2002. Since then, he has done literally hundreds of applications with zero defects. This product and technique is completely safe for the hair. The use of this product does not produce any toxic fumes and is completely safe to be in the open air of the environment in which we breathe. This service leaves the hair permanently shiny, soft, and supple, if curled the hair will retain the curl longer than one may expect. While the regrowth may be straightened two or three times a year the hair that has been treated never needs to be treated again. Everyone who has had it done has been very happy with the results. Contact Mr Henry Graham Boulton Cosmetologist to schedule your free consultation today.

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