Online Worship Details

Join the body Scattered each week for worship

As part of our care for each other, we are not meeting to worship in person in this time.  However, the work of worship continues.

You can find our week-to-week online worship details here 

We will be experimenting with various formats to see what works best given the technological constraints of the area.  Worship will always be post here too for watching after  the “live” event Sunday Morning.

You can also find worship and pandemic resources here

Please contact Menno to be included in email updates as well.

In person worship on Hiatus

In person worship at Menno is on hold indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The board will evaluate from week to week when it is safe to resume our in person meeting. Any changes in status will be posted here, on Facebook, via Email, and the church voicemail message.  Check in from time to time for updates.

Online worship details will be posted weekly here on a parallel post.