Join the body Scattered each week for worship

Menno has been and always will be geographically scattered.  Even in our day-to-day world, we live over a wide area.  Now, as we are coming back together slowly, we want to live this in more intentional ways.  Not everyone will be ready  to gather at the same time.  Online Worship will remain available here.

We will stream video Live at 10 AM, and it will be available for viewing after that.  If things do not go well, please send Bryce an email or a text, and a clean version will be streamed at 1 PM.

See or (Lower Bandwidth) for the stream at 10 AM 

Check back periodically as these arrangements may change as we innovate and find what is possible going forward.

We will experiment with live streaming of the content, but given the complexity of streaming and pulling off an outdoor service, this delay seems best.

Our live stream worship services are on Youtube at our channelSubscribe to our channel to be notified of each service.

Our previous sermons in audio, video and print can be found here.

We will be experimenting with various formats to see what works best given the technological constraints.  Worship will always be posted here too after live” event Sunday Morning.

You can also find worship and pandemic resources here

Please contact Menno to be included in regular email updates.