Animated Complete Christmas Village

Christmas Village ready for a new home and new memories.

Donated by Tim & Roberta Schrag

Items Included
By Departmtet 56
Ski Slope #56.52733
Go Fly a Kite #56.53407
Packages Delivery #56.53038
Winter Sled Ride #56.53186
Sledding Village- Village Animated #56.55626
Hockey Player #56.52512
Figure Skater on Inc #56.53185
Bidwel Windmill #56.58489
Stadium Lights #56.52845
By Mr Christma
By Carol Towne
Starburst (Ferris Wheel
Angel Wings
Old Fashioned Chocolate Factory
By Coventry Cove
Tug of War
Dog Show
by Lemax
Saucer Sleds

Guiding Light Church


Category: 2021 Auction
Sub-Category: Other Items